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Invest and build wealth with the help of a seasoned investment team, a unique online service and powerful investment strategies.

Innate Growth Funds’ core offering is an investment management service. Our experienced discretionary investment management team monitor and manage your investment capital in line with our investment approach. Our investment approach utilises a powerful low risk arbitrage trading strategy that ensures attractive investment returns.

Our investment techniques are approved and authorised by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This means that client money is held in accordance with the applicable ASIC rules and protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which insures each clients investment account against loss.

  • Seasoned investment team
  • Professional Advisers
  • Powerful Online Service

Achieve your financial goals

Invest your savings

Make your cash work harder for you by investing in a high quality, fully managed investment account.

Plan for retirement

Discuss with a financial adviser your retirement options. Design your pension investments to meet your goals, whether you're saving or drawing down.

Save for a rainy day

Set up an account and start building up a fund to meet unexpected needs for you and your family.

Open the right account type for your investment needs

Minimum account opening balance: $5,000
Expected monthly return: 5% (Based on professional projections and historic performance).

Minimum account opening balance: $50,000
Expected monthly return: 7% (Based on professional projections and historic performance).

Our past investment performance has been verified by audits, which are available to potential investors on request.

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We understand that the amount and nature of advice you need varies depending on your unique circumstances. Our advisers offer restricted advice that relates to Innate Growth Funds’s products and services and do not consider the whole market.

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